Proceedings of the 6th Annual TEAM-Math Partnership Conference Pre-Session

The 6th Annual TEAM-Math Partnership Conference was held September 11, 2009 at Tuskegee University. Authors were invited to prepare manuscripts based on their pre-session presentations for consideration for publication in an online, refereed conference proceedings. The manuscripts were reviewed for their appropriateness for inclusion in the proceedings by members of the editorial board.

Below is information about citing papers from the collection:

Full volume -- Qazi, M. (Ed.). (2009). Proceedings of the 6th Annual TEAM-Math Partnership Conference Pre-Session. Tuskegee, AL: Tuskegee University. Downloaded (date) from

An article -- Last name, Initial. (2009). Article name. In M. Qazi (Ed.), Proceedings of the 6th Annual TEAM-Math Partnership Conference Pre-Session. Tuskegee, AL: Tuskegee University. Downloaded (date) from

Mohammed Qazi Preface PDF pp. i-ii

Session I:     Issues in Elementary Teacher Education

Sylvia Celedón-Pattichis
Sandra I. Musanti
Mary E. Marshall

Integrating Language, Culture and Mathematics: A Longitudinal Study of Bilingual Elementary Teachers’ Growth    

Marilyn E. Strutchens

Multicultural Literature as a Context for Mathematical Problem Solving: Parents and Children Learning Together – A Facilitator Workshop for Teachers    
Dorothy Ann Assad Preparing to Engage Students in Problem Solving PDF pp. 1-16
Joshua H. Argo Inclusion of Inquiry-Based Group Work with Computer-Assisted Instruction Significantly Improves University Student Achievement in Finite Mathematics    

Session II:   Promoting Problem Solving at the Middle Grades

S. Kathy Westbrook

Lifelong Learning: Mathematics Faculty Work to Improve Their Practice    

Victor L. Brunaud-Vega
Eileen Murray
Kanita Ducloux
Dorothy White

What Can We Learn from Research to Improve Teacher Preparation Programs in Mathematics Education? The Case of Project ISMAC

PDF pp. 17-27
Jacob T. Klerlein
Donald A. Nelson

A Mathematician and Mathematics Educator Collaborate in the Preparation of Prospective Middle Grades Teachers

PDF pp. 28-40
Angela T. Barlow
Shannon Harmon
Project Delta2: Improving Mathematics Instruction through Collaboration and Coaching PDF pp. 41-57
Session III:     Issues in Secondary Teacher Education

W. Gary Martin

Alignment of Preservice and Inservice Teacher Preparation in Secondary Mathematics: Closing the “Theory-Practice Gap”


Angela Hodge

Gaining Teaching Experience in a History of Mathematics Course

PDF pp. 58-70

Roozbeh Vakil
Bishnu Naraine
Dale R. Buske

Enhancing Mathematics Pedagogy through Cooperation Between Mathematics and Mathematics Education PDF pp. 71-87

David Barker
Wendy O’Hanlon
Cynthia Langrall
Saad El-Zanati

Research Experience for Secondary Mathematics Teachers PDF pp. 88-104
Session IV:     Using Technology in Teacher Education

Michael Todd Edwards

Project CRAFTeD: Remote Lesson Study and its Impact on Preservice Teachers’ Technology Pedagogical Content Knowledge


Lisa Ross
Mary Johnson

The TEAM-Math Malone Family Foundation Technology Initiative: Improving Grades 6-12 Mathematics Education in East Alabama Using Technology    

Joy Black

Impacts on Classroom Instruction as a Result of Training for Technology Integration in Middle and Secondary Science and Mathematics PDF pp. 104-117

Mary Alice Smeal
Sandra Walker
Jamye Carter
Carolyn Simmons-Johnson
Lisa James
Esenc Balam

Exploring the Effectiveness of Different Approaches to Teaching Finite Mathematics

PDF pp. 118-141

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